Transnational Organized Crime and Gangs:

Intervention, Prevention, and Suppression of Cybersecurity

Book by Robert M. Brzenchek



Col. Josh Potter (SOC- OM Transnational Organized Crime Unit Commander),

Jerry Hester (Ret. FBI), “Jack Riker” (former Russian mafia/MS-13 member), Cassondra “Co- oa” Bowden (Army combat veteran), and my mentor,

Mike Penders (Ret. Govt.Official), and current member of the Spectrum Group.



Book Summary

Transnational Organized Crime and Gangs: Intervention, Prevention, and Suppression of Cybersecurity provides several first-person examples of the mind set and mentality present in today’s transnational organized crime groups combined with a holistic approach towards prevention and intervention in the cybersecurity space.


Transnational organized crime groups have tremendous power and money, which means they have the ability to pay hackers to defeat cybersecurity measures. The dangers posed by organized crime groups are nothing new. For decades, these groups have launched sophisticated attacks against individuals as well as major corporations. Billions of dollars have been stolen every year, and large, continuous hacks of our highly sensitive computer systems. What is new, is the acknowledgement that cybersecurity should be high priority for every individual, company, and government entity.

While Department of Homeland Security’s involvement in cybersecurity is a step in the right direction, more measures need to be put in place that facilitates collaboration across industries and government entities. Transnational organized criminal elements will continue to find creative and effective ways to use technology for illegal activity. They will continue doing so unless law enforcement works closer with policymakers to enact uniform laws, regulations, and policies beyond current practices.
Transnational Organized Crime and Gangs explores effective programs, policies, technologies and builds a body of knowledge to guide future regulations and resources for our criminal justice leaders of tomorrow.


“Both Russia and China are sponsoring hackers that collect information on behalf of the nation state. Intellectual property is being funneled to benefit companies in their home countries,” said Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch."

“That is perfect, as I really do not like cops or feds and I really don’t care to be around their macho BS nor do I want to strike up any conversations for that matter.” The sergeant looked at me with a perplexed expression and stated, “I think it would be best if you don’t speak to any officers or agents about any aspect of your old life.”